Do I need a website manager?

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Do I need a website manager?

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Do I need a website manager?

To answer this question, I recommend seeing it in two moments. Let us analyze together some questions related to your business and your goals; and then see some of the activities that a Website Manager performs. All this with the intention of reaching a conclusion that fits

your needs.

First: Business health

  • Do you note that your business has slowed its growth?
  • Has your product lost preference in relation to the competition after the massive use of the internet and social networks?
  • Do you have a corporate website but do not know the details about its effectiveness?
  • Is it hard for you to measure how online presence benefit the growth of your business?
  • Has your web site performance problems or does not work, as it should ?
  • Is it difficult to find the time to keep your website updated, accessible and with a favorable performance?
  • Do feel your business lacks the tools to attract new customers and at the same time provide value-added services that retain the old ones?
  • Do not have the time or are not familiar with the use of social networks so you can take advantage of the great marketing opportunity they provide?


If the answer to any of the above questions is YES, you could benefit from the services that a web manager offers. If we add to that the fact that your business is not big enough to hire a full-time web manager, you could find the solution in one of the MANAGEMENT & SUPPORT plans that E-Business Nursery offers you. To be sure of the previous statement let’s see what are the activities that a website manager performs:

Second: Activities of the Website Manager.

Add Content

Adding content to a website requires taking into account some aspects that can make the difference between a fortuitous visitor and a customer.You have to pay attention to the position where the information is placed so that it meets the intended purpose and does not affect the aesthetics of the site. The opportune moment following the habits of the public to whom the content is destined. And the way to structure such content to generate a greater impact on the positioning of the site in the search engines are details that separate a professional website from the rest.

Optimize Positioning in Search Engines

website manager - SEOSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is a task that requires accurate and constant attention. Even the selection of a word can influence the ranking that your site occupies in the search engines. A simple word can increase your site visits flow, or making it go completely unnoticed. Currently, with the huge amount of information available on the network, SEO is mandatory if you want to make your online presence profitable.



Ensure the proper functioning of the site

Website managers perform constant maintenance tasks that improve the performance of the website. This allow early recovery in case of an unexpected error. They also watch over the correct use of the resources of your server to decide if an increase of these resources is necessary, in order to improve the response of your site. Another function of the the website manager is keep track of updates to your domain registration, security certificates and other issues related to software licenses and updates.


As you may have noticed, the management of your website is not an easy task.  and, in most cases, it can not coexist with your functions as a business owner. Neither is a subject that can be left for later because it affects your position respect to the competition and, therefore, in your income. Hiring the services of a website manager should be seen as a mandatory investment in any small or large business.

E-Business Nursery offers you MANAGEMENT & SUPPORT plans that include each of the aspects analyzed in this article, and even more. Contact us for an estimate that fits your interests.



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